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The Indestructible dog ball

The Indestructible dog ball

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Our features!

1.Our Indestrucitble dog ball toy is made from food-grade rubber materials, non toxic environmental friendly so it is safe and harmless to your love pet.

2.It is also multifunctional! It can be a play toy while also being a teeth cleaning toy.           It keeps teeth clean and freshen the breath!

3.Put in some of your pet's favorite snacks and the dog will be attracted by the toy.

Size: Small: 5cm; Large: 7cm

Material: Rubber

Shape: Ball

Package included: 1 x Dog Chew toy

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These toys are available in 2 sizes:




Not only is this a regular toy, it is a also capable of holding treats so you dog will get his exercise while having fun and enjoying his treats

Simply put some dog treats in the therefore designed pockets of the ball

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Multiple uses our amazing dog toy!

Our amazing toy has tons of uses!

While the dog is enjoying playing with this toy it cleans their teeth in the process!

You can even give your dog a little treat for playing by placing some dog treats inside the holes of the ball!